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Cowles Lifelong Learning

Cowles Lifelong Learning Program

Vivalon’s Cowles Lifelong Learning Program seeks to expand high quality educational opportunities for older adults in Marin County. Learning opportunities include classes and seminars covering health, finance, technology, language, art, music and more. We are excited for the full Cowles Lifelong Learning Program to debut when the new Healthy Aging Campus opens in future. In the meantime, there are many online learning opportunities available and more will be added as progress so please keep checking back for the latest offerings.

Click here to learn what classes are currently available.

In Recognition of Phoebe

The Cowles Lifelong Learning Program has been made possible through a generous donation from Phoebe Cowles. A long-time resident of Marin County, Phoebe grew up in a family where everyone loved to learn and talk about nearly every topic imaginable. By establishing the Cowles Lifelong Learning Program, Phoebe has created a place where adults can learn purely for the love of learning, to share ideas, keep their minds sharp, and share their passions with others. 

We at Vivalon are deeply grateful for her gift to our members and recognize the benefit that it will bring to the entire Marin community.

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