Finding Meaning Through Helping Others

Twenty-seven years ago, Linda Tichy lived alone in San Francisco working as a flight attendant. While going through a difficult time, she was searching for meaning in life. Her tours through the sky allowed her time off, but her breaks were inconsistent, making it difficult to find flexible opportunities to get involved in. Then, in 1994, she discovered a volunteer job picking up litter in Golden Gate Park that provided the answers she was looking for. “The Park was just what I needed,” says Linda. As a frequent jogger, cleaning up the park meant she could give back to her favorite spot, thus beginning her love for volunteering. Now retired and no longer living in the city, Linda spends her free time driving older adults and people with disabilities to medical appointments and grocery stores through CarePool by Vivalon. As many who are more vulnerable to the virus continue to stay at home, she is also delivering she is also delivering groceries and other essentials to their homes. “Volunteering is definitely a stress reliever. To go out and do something nice for such appreciative people, all those seemingly stressful things roaming around your head quickly disappear. Now that I am retired from flying, I feel I have meaning to my life.”

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