Estate Planning Workshop Series (In-Person and Remote)

Funeral and End-of-Life Pre-Planning | September 28, 4:00-5:00 pm

If the unavoidable happened tomorrow, would things be left in disarray? It’s difficult to talk about death and what comes after it, but experts agree it’s crucial to have plans in place for such circumstances, especially for those you love most. Having a pre-planning conversation is the first step to understanding your choices and setting your mind at ease, knowing you and your loved ones will be ready. A well-planned funeral can reduce the emotional and financial burdens on those celebrating your life and legacy. Think of it as a gift to your partner, children, grandchildren, or the charities you support.

We are excited to welcome Corrine Chisholm of Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and Funeral Home as she shares her knowledge of the importance of funeral and end-of-life pre-planning and their benefits for all involved.

Before joining the team at Valley Memorial Park, Cori worked for many years in management, insurance, and banking. These days, she is taking this broad-ranging experience to the next level in her work with individuals and families making pre-need funeral arrangements. And she loves her job! Cori’s passion lies in the opportunity to work closely with people on a deeply personal level. Discussing one’s mortality has a way of making that connection. Cori is a lifelong resident of Marin and Sonoma Counties. She has two adult daughters, Morgan and Amanda, and a fabulous 17-year-old step son, Liam.

Join us in person at the Vivalon Healthy Aging Center (formerly Whistlestop) 930 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael or on Zoom.

Thank you to Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and Funeral Home for sponsoring this series.

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