Mission and Values

Our Mission

Vivalon advances independence, health and quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities.

Our Core Beliefs

The Power of Human Connection Is the Central Ingredient for Quality of Life

The need for human connection transcends economic status and age. All people have the need to feel connected and engaged. Vivalon is a place where older adults and others can come together and be connected within a community. Through sharing meals, attending classes, volunteering, and conversing with others, they experience meaningful engagement with a larger world.

Aging is a Community Responsibility

We believe that aging is a community responsibility, rather than solely an individual or family issue. The high cost of housing in Marin County has forced many children of older adults to move away, leaving their parents without a strong family support network and important resources. Marin’s older adults have contributed to this community, and they deserve the dignity of being able to remain in the county they helped to build. Vivalon strives to create a connected community, where all people have equitable access to the resources and services they need in order to thrive. We call this Aging Equity, and we believe that we all share in the responsibility to make this vision a reality.

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Older Adults and Vulnerable Individuals Deserve Community Support

Vivalon is a leader in supporting older adults and vulnerable individuals in Marin County. Since 1954, we have been a trusted community partner and leader. Residents and business leaders alike rely on Vivalon as “the go-to resource” for older adults.

Our Values

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