Embracing the Digital Age: Vivalon’s New Technology Training for Older Adults

In today’s digital era, technology has revolutionized how we work, play, and connect with others. Whether you already own a smart device like a phone or tablet or are just beginning to explore this new world, there’s always more to discover.  


In response to this ever-changing landscape, Vivalon launched the Talking Tech program in 2023, offering a range of digital literacy trainings. This year, we are thrilled to partner with Senior Planet, powered by the Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP, to launch the next level of technology offerings and provide high-quality classes and training that will help older adults gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive in today’s digital world.  


Through our partnership with Senior Planet’s licensing program, Vivalon will begin offering Senior Planet’s proprietary curriculum this summer. Senior Planet from AARP is a vibrant community of individuals aged 60 and older. Senior Planet programs are offered free of charge both online and in-person across the country. These programs help older adults build technology skills that improve their health, foster new friendships, save money, and enable community advocacy.  


Freddy Piedrahita – an experienced technology trainer and co-founder of United Voices Media, LLC – is guiding this initiative with true compassion and enthusiasm. Originally from Colombia, Freddy has been a proud resident of Sonoma County, California, for over 43 years. His early years in the United States were marked by his efforts to learn English and adapt to a new culture, all while doing everything possible to succeed. 


He began his career in the food manufacturing industry, where he worked his way up to a managerial position. For many years, he believed this would be his lifelong career. However, the uncertainties of the corporate world led him to reconsider his path. Seeking stability, he ventured into real estate, becoming a realtor and his own boss. Unfortunately, the 2008 real estate crash resulted in significant financial loss, forcing Freddy to start over once again. 


Undeterred, Freddy sought a new direction that was more resilient to economic fluctuations. Drawing from his experience and passion for his Colombian heritage, he organized community events, such as yearly Colombian picnics, which grew from 50 attendees to over 1,000. This success inspired him to expand his efforts, hosting multiple large-scale events throughout the year, attracting thousands of people. Durin this time is when he recognized the potential of technology and pivoted to digital marketing. Leveraging his event planning skills and growing expertise in social media, he launched a digital marketing agency in 2020.  


In 2022, Freddy faced a personal health challenge when he was diagnosed with cancer. This pivotal moment led him to prioritize his health and seek meaningful work. He discovered an opportunity to represent the Latino community in Sonoma County’s Area Agency on Aging, teaching digital literacy to seniors through the Community Technology Network (CTN). This role resonated deeply with Freddy, as it allowed him to give back to the community and address issues that resonated with him. 


Freddy’s compassion and dedication to empowering seniors have become a central focus of his life. Through his work, he aims to bridge the digital divide for older adults, ensuring they stay connected with loved ones and the world around them. 


His refreshing perspective on digital literacy makes him the perfect fit for the job, and he has advice for anyone considering joining a tech class at Vivalon. “We can change a lot of lives,” Freddy shares. “I have had students that I teach how to utilize the skills they have. Just because you have a stroke or are moving slower doesn’t mean you don’t have experience. You have so much experience. You learned a lot of things and now the Internet makes it really easy to share that with the world.”  


Thanks to this partnership and Freddy’s guidance, we are excited to launch the Technology for Better Living initiative, which will feature a Foundational Series as well as a variety of lectures and workshops powered by Senior Planet.  


  • The Foundational Series offers introductions and hands-on training covering the basics of using your device over four weeks to help participants unlock the potential of their Apple, Android, or Windows devices and elevate their proficiency.  
  • Our one-off lectures introduce popular tech topics and themes in a clear and concise manner, explaining the general purpose of a device or concept, its usefulness, and important tips and tricks.  
  • Interactive workshops, led by experienced trainers, allow participants to practice using websites or apps.  


Join us in embracing the digital age with confidence and skill. Register today to embark on your journey toward digital literacy and independence. To learn more, view upcoming offerings, and register, visit vivalon.org/technology.  


These Senior Planet from AARP classes are being offered through the Senior Planet licensing program. 



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