Introducing the All-New Vivalon Cafe: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Coming to the Vivalon Healthy Aging Campus in early 2024!

Introducing the All-New Vivalon Cafe: Where Tradition Meets Innovation


At Vivalon, we are thrilled to announce one of the many offerings coming to the new Healthy Aging Campus: the Vivalon Cafe.


It’s not just a cafe; it’s a modern and welcoming haven where culinary excellence and community values converge.


Preserving the Legacy

We hold the values and memories of the beloved Jackson Cafe close to our hearts. In our new venture, while the name and appearance have changed, our unwavering commitment to our members and the community remains steadfast. Change doesn’t imply compromise; rather, we believe it signifies progress.


A Fresh Start with Familiar Values

As we embrace this evolution, the new name signifies a fresh beginning while preserving our core values and cherished memories. The Vivalon Cafe, although redesigned, is crafted with the same passion and spirit that our members have cherished for years.


Dedicated to Elevating Your Experience

Our paramount focus is ensuring our members’ satisfaction. We have listened to your feedback, studied evolving preferences, and diligently worked to ensure that the new Vivalon Cafe surpasses your expectations in ambiance, offerings, and service.


Embracing the Excitement of Change

We hope that as you spend time in the Vivalon Cafe, you will come to love and cherish it as much as, if not more than, the Jackson Cafe. Change can be exciting, and we look forward to creating new memories together.


Our new kitchen is fully equipped to provide delicious meals through our exciting partnership with Community Action Marin (CAM). We remain committed to serving hot, plated lunches that maintain the high quality our community expects. This collaboration promises exceptional value.


Continuing Valued Relationships

Our relationship with Stacy Scott Catering is deeply cherished, and we eagerly anticipate potential collaborations in the future. It’s simply a different phase for Vivalon Cafe, one filled with fresh opportunities.


Volunteers: The Heart of Our Community

Volunteers continue to be integral to our community, and their support remains as crucial as ever. We extend a warm welcome to volunteers in the same or similar capacities as before.


Your New Culinary Destination

The Vivalon Cafe is just one of the many exciting programs that will be available at our new Healthy Aging Campus, opening in early 2024. Join us Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 1:45 pm. The cafe space will also remain open during business hours as a gathering place for our cherished members. We are eagerly looking forward to serving you at the new Vivalon Cafe, where tradition and innovation come together to create something truly exceptional.

Learn more about the Vivalon Healthy Aging Campus here.



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