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Human Resources and Volunteer Services Coordinator at Vivalon
Employee Spotlight – Ama Díaz


Ama joined Vivalon in February 2023 as our Human Resources & Volunteer Services Coordinator. She was born in Puerto Rico, where her mom continues to reside. In 2016, with three suitcases and $500, Ama and her best friend moved to San Francisco. They had the promise of an apartment for one month before finding a place to live. Ama first got a job at Starbucks, where she worked for a year as a barista. Then, after living in different hotels for a while, she found a room to rent and eventually an apartment to call her own.

Intending to finish her education, Ama returned to Puerto Rico to get her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Puerto Rico. She then returned to the Bay Area, lived in Point Richmond for a minute, and moved back to San Francisco. She had a job at Caffe Union, where she loved the staff and the job, and COVID hit. After a few months of respite in Santa Rosa, she moved to Berkeley with friends. During the next few years, Ama was a Production Manager at Green Bay Remodeling, an HR & Payroll Administration at Bay Area Traffic Solutions, HR Representative at Mike’s Bikes, and Executive Administrator at Doug’s Mobile Bike Repair.

Ama has strong technical skills in Google Suite, Salesforce, Payroll, and HRIS experience.

Her role at Mike’s Bikes brought her and her partner to Marin County. They have settled in Sausalito with a lovely apartment that faces the water. We are thrilled to have her on the Human Capital team.


Learn a little more about Ama:

What do you enjoy most about volunteering/working at Vivalon?
What I enjoy most about working at Vivalon is that I’m able to combine my craft with two things that truly define who I am and what I’m all about: community and people. And as our saying goes: connection works wonders!


Who is your hero?
My hero is without a doubt my mother. A first gen college grad and the perfect combination of the strong, wise and kind woman I strive to be one day.


How long have you been working at Vivalon?
I started working at Vivalon in February 2023.


What brought you to Vivalon?
During my job search, I was very intentional in the organizations I pursued. Community involvement was a huge influence on my final decision. Long story short, I came across Vivalon, and the rest is history in the making.


What did you do prior to working at Vivalon?
I used to work as a Human Resources Representative for Mike’s Bikes and still Volunteer at Climb Hire.


What is your favorite movie as a child?
My favorite movie as a child was The Little Mermaid.


What is your favorite family vacation?
My favorite family vacation is camping at the beach or the woods for a week or two.


What would you change about yourself if you could?
I wish I could be a bit more stoic and more forgiving with myself when I make mistakes.


What makes you unique?
I’m from Puerto Rico.


What are some random fun facts about you?
During the pandemic, I helped my partner with his mobile bicycle repair business and can say I developed a new love for the sport and lifestyle of cycling. As a bonus, I learned a few things about tuning-up and maintaining bikes.


What is something you want to learn or wish you were better at?
I wish I could be better at drawing and designing.


What is your favorite place on earth?
A tropical beach with white sands and 85-degree weather.


Who are the special people in your life?
My partner and my mother.


Who is your favorite celebrity?
I don’t have a favorite celebrity but the closest I’d say are Lisa Bonet, Angelina Jolie and Calma Carmona.



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