April 2024 Staff Spotlight- Baptiste Pierru

April 2024 Staff Spotlight - Baptiste Pierru
Meet Baptiste Pierru, Vivalon’s Nutrition Programs Manager


Baptiste joined Vivalon in November 2023 and was tasked with opening the Vivalon Café in our new Healthy Aging Campus. His journey in the culinary arts began in France where he studied and trained before leaving to travel the world and eventually settling in the United States. Throughout his career, he has worked in both the private and nonprofit sectors, each experience shaping his appreciation for the values of service and community. As a kitchen manager at Guide Dogs for the Blind, he found joy in the values of nonprofits. Before coming to Vivalon, he worked at Aegis Living. Although he loved his job, he felt a strong pull towards the nonprofit sector, drawn to a commitment to making a difference. Upon joining us at Vivalon, Baptiste immediately connected with our dedicated café volunteers, forging meaningful relationships with each of them. Currently, our café thrives with the support of 21 volunteers, and we are eager to welcome more passionate individuals to our team. We are always looking for additional support. If you are interested in joining this important team, email us at [email protected] or call 415-456-9067!


Who is your hero?

The volunteers because they volunteer their time, and they are picking up many shifts, but they never complain. They come to the café to be happy. 


What did you do prior to working at Vivalon?

Worked at nonprofit and went back to the private sector but I like nonprofit work. I like to serve people in our community. The project to move the cafe to the new campus and bring something different. 


What was your favorite movie as a child?

True Romance/Quenton Tarantino 


What is your favorite family vacation?

We always rent a little cabin in a resort by the beach in the South of France.  


What makes you unique?

I am French. 


What are some random fun facts about you?

I speak 3 languages. I am goofy and joke around a lot at home. I don’t take myself seriously. 


What is something you want to learn or wish you were better at?

A lot of things…languages, I am not good at learning a language and…being able to remember things easier. 


What is your favorite place on earth?

A little town near Monaco, it’s Menton on the French Riviera. It’s special, by those coast, and has its own micro-climate. 


Who is a special person in your life?

Mom, because she has had to deal a lot with her life and has always made good decisions. Smart with money, work, and family. 


Who is your favorite celebrity?

Bradley Cooper – he is a good actor and seems like a nice guy. 



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