Marketing Assets

Marketing Assets

This page contains information and links to everything you’ll need to create branded marketing materials, including logos, templates, style guides, and how to request help from the marketing and communications team.


You can also find this information on the on the Shared (S:) drive here: Marketing/Vivalon Identity Assets or by clicking here.

Design Requests

The marketing and communications team is here to help you create Vivalon branded communications! This can include a variety of items such as forms, posters, brochures, signs, trifolds, banners, save-the-dates, cards, invitations, lanyards, window clings, give-away items, videos, digital

media, and anything else you may need that is branded.

  • Please check out our LucidPress template program where you can design your own materials. We encourage you to use this program whenever possible.

  • If you need something designed that is outside of the capabilities of LucidPress, or if you would like to request a new LucidPress template, please bring your request to your manager for approval and then fill out our Project Request Form .

Style Guide

  • Please click the image to the left to view our Style Guide. The Style Guide can also be found in the Vivalon Identity Assets folder, located on the Shared (S:) Drive here: Marketing/Vivalon Identity Assets or by clicking the thumbnail to the left.
  • Please review our Style Guide and refer to it any time you are creating something that uses the Vivalon brand. It will tell you the correct usage of our logos, fonts, colors, and the editorial and formatting rules we follow at Vivalon. Below are some highlights from the Style Guide for your easy reference. Please refer to the full Style Guide for
    further information on each section.


  • Logos can be found in the Vivalon Logo Toolbox, located on the Shared (S:) drive in the Marketing/Vivalon Identity Assets Folder and by clicking here.
  • There are a variety of Vivalon logos, as well as logos for our “sub brands” such as the Jackson Café, Nourish, and CarePool, all available in a variety of file types such as .jpg, .png and eps. It is important that you use only the logos that you find in the logo folder on the Shared Drive. If you see a different logo somewhere, it is likely an outdated logo. If you have a question about whether or not a logo is approved to use, please email [email protected] or check with your manager.
  • See pages 2-6 of the Style Guide for further information about proper logo usage.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Vivalon refrains from using the term “seniors” in all editorial and marketing content, including social media. The term “older adults” should always be used instead.
  • Phone numbers are written with dashes: 415-456-9062 (no periods or parentheses).
  • Times should be listed as 7:00pm and 7:30am, with the full time and the lower case “am” and “pm” next to the number with no space or periods.
  • Dates should be written as December 10, 2020 (Month Day, Year). Do not use of “th”, “st”, “rd” after the day.
  • See page 10 of the Style Guide for more editorial guidelines.

Font & Colors

  • Quasimoda is the official font for all branded materials such as digital and print ads, brochures, signs, business cards, flyers and banners. Quasimoda is used only in designed materials.
  • Tahoma is the font you will use in your day to day communications such as when sending emails, or creating documents of any kind. Please set Tahoma as your default font.
  • See page 8 of the Style Guide for more information on brand fonts.
  • Please refer to page 7 of the Style Guide for a review

    of the approved Vivalon brand colors.

  • Please make sure you are using the correct RGB color numbers for your font colors when creating Word documents, PDF’s and PowerPoint Slides. The color numbers are provided in the chart on page 7 of the Style Guide. If you do not know how to change the color of your font, please contact [email protected] for a quick walk through.

Templates: LucidPress

  • We use an online template program called

    LucidPress that allows you to easily create flyers and posters. 

  • Please ask your manager for more information about this program. 
    The log in is:

If you have any questions or need help with a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to

Kristin Swenson
[email protected]

Mia Edwards Graceffa
[email protected]

Bryttni Juve
[email protected]

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