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Vivalon Partner Programs and Classes

Vivalon Partner Programs and Classes

To further enrich the lives of our members, Vivalon has partnered with other organizations to provide even more classes and activities for older adults.

Age Friendly Intergenerational Center

An age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. These classes make it easier for older adults to stay connected to people who are important to them.

Caring Connections

Vivalon is proud to partner with LITA (Love Is the Answer) to offer Caring Connections, matching volunteers with homebound older adults for weekly social visits. Meetings normally take place in the home, but during the pandemic, the visits are taking place by phone or through doors and windows with proper physical distancing and face coverings. If you would like to participate in Caring Connections, contact Erika Vaughn at 415-456-9062 x176.

Center for Attitudinal Healing

The Center for Attitudinal Healing – North Bay provides support groups in the Bay Area for people facing such issues as a chronic and life-threatening illness, care-giving of loved ones, bereavement, aging, unemployment, marriage and parenting problems, divorce, loneliness, and stress. 

The groups utilize a model that supports inner growth, and they assist members in adopting new ways to solve problems and relate to others.  Our work is based on the Principles of Attitudinal Healing – twelve tenets that inspire one to live in the present moment, to realize that no matter what their life circumstances are, they have a choice as to whether they experience peace or conflict, love or fear. 

College of Marin

College of Marin offers numerous enrichment classes, allowing participants to engage with a range of topics and connect with others from home.

The college is excited to have adapted community education courses to support a safe experience and make learning opportunities widely available. Scholarships are available by application for older adults at reduced rates.


Do you know someone 60 or older who would enjoy new, COVID safe social connection? Would you like to volunteer to visit with an older adult? Social Call, a partnership with Vivalon and Covia, thoughtfully connects older adults to new friends for one on one conversations, by phone or video, available throughout the United States.  

Social Call is looking for new volunteers and participants to join our community! Social Callers are interested in stimulating conversation and swapping stories, with the goal of building a friendship. Individuals over 60 can receive a visit, give a visit, or both. Volunteer visitors must be 18 +. 

Covia Well Connected

Well Connected is a free telephone and online community program consisting of participants, staff, facilitators, presenters, and other volunteers brought to you by Covia, located in Walnut Creek. Each Well Connected session offers groups and classes on a wide range of topics and meets 365 days a year, so there’s always a chance to connect.

This dynamic partnership between Vivalon and Ayaplaces hosted several successful online workshops on healthy aging topics in 2020. Check out our archive of recorded sessions at It’s a virtual smorgasbord of expert-led topics: Home Safety, Decluttering & Reorganizing, Gardening for Life, Kitchen Safety & Accessibility, The Mind Diet, Cooking for One, Holistic Healing with CBD, Pleasure is Ageless and much more!  


We have partnered with Highway61 to offer real-time, conversation groups including: Aging Alone Support Group, Trivia, French Culture, Entrepreneurs Circle, Opera, Classic Movies and more. Seniors from all over the U.S. are on Highway6, and it is a great way to stay connected. You will need a code to join, which you can either receive from us or by emailing [email protected] and letting them know that you are from Vivalon.

Lou Walker Senior Center

The Lou Walker Senior Center, located in Georgia, offers a variety of classes for active seniors, available by phone or virtually. Established in 2006, the center meets the needs and interests of today’s active older adults with free classes and activities that stimulate the mind and body.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) 

Vivalon has partnered with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) to offer their classes to Vivalon members at no additional membership cost. Course fees still apply. To find out more, call 415-458-3763 or click on the button below.

Social Call

We’re all feeling a bit disconnected during this time of extended social distancing. One phone call, once a week, can make a huge difference. Connect on the phone to chat with a friendly volunteer and create connection during this time of isolation. Social Call in Marin County is a partnership between Covia and Vivalon. To join Social Call please call Vivalon Guest Services at 415-456-9062.

Spahr Center

The Spahr Center and Vivalon are launching a partnership to reach LGBT seniors interested in building community with their peers. Spahr’s Senior Program offers two engaging social and educational meetings each week on Zoom, fun events, and emails packed with information and resources relevant to LGBT seniors’ lives. A Friendly Visitor Program for those living in residential facilities who feel isolated from other LGBT people pairs them with a trained LGBT volunteer for weekly visits – for now on Zoom or by phone.


The YMCA of San Francisco has a great selection of Virtual Classes for older adults. Please visit their website for more information.

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