Body Strength and Balance

Join classes at Vivalon to build, maintain, and improve your strength and balance. You can play bingo while exercising with friends through Bingocize, join a fitness class, or access any of our helpful resources below.


Enjoy the fun of bingo, exercise to build strength, and learn techniques to prevent falls through this evidence-based program.


Coming soon in April!
Reduce your fear of falling and increase your social and physical activity levels through this award-winning program.


Learn how to stay safe in your home and community through this educational presentation.

Why are Body Strength and Balance Important?

Our bodies change as we age, which means our ability to stay on our feet changes too. Sometimes this can lead to falls and injuries. Improving strength and balance today can help you maintain your independence tomorrow and reduce fall-related injuries.

More than a quarter of Americans over age 65 experience a fall each year.

Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults.

The cost of fall-related injuries is projected to reach over $101 billion by 2030.

Get Started with These Fun and Free Classes Below

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Play bingo and exercise with friends through this 10-week, evidence-based, educational workshop.

  • 10-week series, twice per week
  • Win fun prizes
  • Attend 16 out of 20 classes to realize the benefit of the series and receive a certificate at the end!

Next Series: January 9 to March 13

Registration is required.

Call 415-456-9062 to register.

A Matter of Balance

Coming soon in April!

Understand why falls happen and how you can prevent them to reduce any fears and increase your activity level.

  • 8-week series, once per week
  • Learn how to set goals and make small changes in your home to prevent falls
  • Receive guidance and support from a trained coach

Finding Balance

Join this one-hour, in-person presentation to learn how to stay safe at home and in your community.

Stay tuned for the next presentation!

Thank You to Our Premier Healthy Aging Sponsor

Funding for this program is made available, at least in part, by the Marin County Area Agency on Aging

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