Celebrating National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month!


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Vivalon. Every day, they are working in our community, ensuring thousands of older adults and people with disabilities receive vital rides, meals, classes, care, and advice. Join us in sharing our deepest gratitude to these remarkable individuals for their unwavering dedication and boundless compassion.


Check out what our volunteers have to say about providing essential services at Vivalon:

“As a new volunteer, you get so much support—I mean from everybody, from the front desk to the programs staff, everyone has been so supportive. I’ve volunteered at a lot of places in the county, and I’m just very happy that I found Vivalon.” –Karen Hughes, Resource Office Volunteer and Membership Ambassador


“I am very pleased and thankful for what Vivalon is doing for our seniors. I look forward to volunteering at the Food Pantry as long as God gives me the strength to do so.” –Doris McKee, Brown Bag Pantry Volunteer


Here’s what our clients and staff have to say about our volunteers:

“I’ve had 14 different drivers that I’ve used – without exception, the most wonderful, kind, caring people.” –Joan, CarePool rider


“It makes such a difference to have somebody from the outside where things are happening come to your front door a few times a week. I like all the drivers, but I especially like Allen. We just connected. I can tease him and kid around, but the other thing is that tender side—that depth of understanding people and knowing what they’re going through.” –Barbara, Meals on Wheels recipient


“The work that we do here at the Healthy Aging Campus would not be possible without the support and engagement of our wonderful volunteers. Whether they are serving food in the café, assisting someone in the resource office, or greeting someone at the front desk, each volunteer is brightening someone’s day and further advancing our mission of providing meaningful connections for all. I am so grateful for all the volunteers that choose to be a part of our organization.” -Rebekah Wilson, Programs Supervisor


Volunteer Success Story

We’ve expanded our volunteer instructor team for A Matter of Balance, an evidence-based falls prevention program, welcoming our new bilingual instructors, three Mercy Housing participants, café volunteer Roberta, and three members to this important team. Because of their dedication we are now able to offer sessions in two Novato locations and one in Marin City. Thank you to our amazing volunteers for making this possible!


Do you want to become a Vivalon volunteer?

Sign up today to join a community of individuals who are making a difference in our community. Learn more and sign up at vivalon.org/volunteer, or call 415-456-9067.


Find your path to purpose and learn more about volunteering at Vivalon at our Volunteer Fair on April 26, 2-4pm in the Vivalon Cafe.



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