Creating Vitality@Vivalon

Vivalon's Eight-Week Healthy Aging Program

Vivalon is excited to introduce its new Vitality@Vivalon Healthy Aging Program, a unique classroom experience that addresses many of the elements that impact our health as we age.

The concept for Vitality@Vivalon originated in 1998 when scientist Wells Whitney was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and given 10 months to live. After receiving this devastating diagnosis, Whitney set to work researching every aspect of the disease and his health. This research allowed him to make informed decisions about his treatment and take control of his wellbeing. He is still cancer free today, and twenty years after his diagnosis, he began teaching healthy aging classes at Vivalon based on his research.

“Healthy aging is a complex topic, but there are simple things we can all do to positively impact our health as we age,” says Anne Grey, Vivalon CEO. “We wanted to offer a healthy aging program that combined aging research with evidence-based best practices in a practical, tactical approach that people can actually use to improve their health. We could not find anything like it on the market, so we worked with community experts to develop one.”

Using Whitney’s healthy aging research as the foundation, Vivalon staff partnered with occupational therapy and nursing students from Dominican University to incorporate evidence-based assessments and group educational interventions, creating a multifaceted curriculum to support wellness.

Starting in July, Vitality@ Vivalon participants began their eight-week course through various health modules, including Social Engagement, Falls and Physical Activity, Cognition and Intellectual Activities, Diet and Nutrition, Sleep and Stress Management, and Spirituality. With personalized health assessments, they will create actionable healthy aging plans which integrate closely with Vivalon’s classes and services, such as Tai Chi for stress reduction, yoga for balance and mobility, and fitness and nutrition programs for overall health. Follow-up visits will help participants continue to develop healthy aging habits and measure success.

This program is free to all participants thanks to funding from the Rosenberger Family Fund and the Older Americans Act, administered locally by the Marin Department of Health and Human Services, Aging and Adult Services. To register for the next session, contact our Guest Services team at 415-456-9062. At this time, participants must be fully vaccinated to attend.



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