Getting to Know Larry and Diane Rosenberger

Larry and Diane Rosenberger first supported Vivalon’s new Healthy Aging Campus (scheduled to break ground in 2022), but they were drawn to the concept of a Healthy Aging Program because access to quality education is a large focus of their giving plan. “We understand the value of using education to help people change their lives,” Rosenberger says.

A self-professed “geek” who builds and uses data and analytics to predict and solve problems, Rosenberger served on the Buck Institute’s board of directors with scientist Wells Whitney. “We partnered to create the concept of a Healthy Aging Scorecard, which could be improved by taking certain actions,” he explains. “We then approached Vivalon, who enthusiastically embraced the concept.”

After conducting due diligence on Vivalon’s leadership, Rosenberger made the decision to support the program with a $100,000 gift. The most exciting part of this program for Rosenberger is the integration with Vivalon’s programs and services. “A score is just a number,” he says. “It doesn’t matter unless you have someone taking an action. So we wanted to create ways to help people take specific actions to improve their healthy aging score.”

He believes this program will change people’s lives. “That’s what we always aim for when providing financial support.” ° In loving memory of Diane Rosenberger, who passed away July 21, 2021.