Meet Andy

Finding Connection and Family in the Jackson Café

Meet Andy

Sitting down with Andy Guralas during one of his regular visits to the Jackson Café, he spoke about his experiences at Vivalon and all the connections he has made there. 

The Jackson Café has these big community tables, they hold 10 people. I look forward to sitting at those tables because I get to sit with people I know and also new people every day. Sitting at those tables and talking with friends is a huge part of my life. The food is really good too! They don’t come any better than Stacy. She does a fantastic job with the entrees. I always bring some home.

I was lucky enough to grow up here in San Francisco and Marin, and I remember when the train came right through San Rafael and this area was the center of things. Now it feels like it’s the center of things all over again. We have Vivalon, and we have the train again! I’ve been coming to Vivalon and eating in the Jackson Café for over 9 years. The food is simply delicious, and I look forward to making new friends every day because I see different people and there is always something happening. My wife used to make fun of me, she would say “how come you are talking to those people? Do you know them?” When I would say no she would ask me why I was talking to them. I said “maybe I’ll make a new friend today,” and I always do!

I live by myself. I lost my wife in 2005, that’s about 16 years ago, and since the first time I walked through the door of the Jackson Café, it has been like my second home. This place is a huge part of my life and these people are like family. Family and community are very important to me. My family is from Greece and part of the Greek culture is having big family get togethers and socializing around a meal. Going to the Jackson Café recreates that experience. Togetherness and caring for one another is very important. Over the years, I have told so many people about Vivalon – the people, the community, and the place. I only wish that every senior could experience this feeling of community. 

~ Andy Guralas



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