Meet Our Incredible Volunteers

Happy National Volunteer Month!  


To all our volunteers at Vivalon: Your dedication brings our mission to life, and we are immensely grateful for your compassion and commitment. Thank you for all that you do. 

This week we’d like to share the stories of two of Vivalon’s incredible volunteers! 


Meet Wendy 


Since joining in January 2024, Wendy Black has been sharing her warmth and dedication in the Brown Bag Pantry, where she welcomes clients with open arms and a friendly smile. 


Wendy’s journey to volunteering at Vivalon began after she sold her laundromat business in Sausalito. Faced with some newfound free time in her schedule, she decided she wanted to give back to her community. With a passion for connecting with people, Wendy quickly became a familiar face to many clients in our weekly food pantry, creating a welcoming atmosphere that brightens everyone’s day. 


But Wendy’s volunteerism doesn’t stop there. She also gives her time at the Hodgepodge Thrift Store in San Rafael and the YMCA. 


Beyond her volunteer work, Wendy finds joy in her personal life—in her marriage and her hobbies like reading and cooking. She has an adventurous spirit, evident in her extensive travels throughout India and Asia in her 20s, as well as her time living in Indonesia. Today, she continues to nurture that sense of adventure by learning new skills, like crocheting and knitting, and hiking through the beautiful West Marin. 


With her infectious positivity and dedication to serving others, Wendy exemplifies Vivalon’s mission, connecting with people from all walks of life to make Vivalon a place where everyone feels welcome. 


If you happen to visit the Brown Bag Pantry or encounter Wendy during one of her volunteer shifts, be sure to say hello. Welcome to the team, Wendy! 


Meet Martha 


With over 150 hours of service dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others at Vivalon, Martha has made a profound impact in our community. Martha’s journey with Vivalon began in 2018, and today she continues to volunteer in our Meals on Wheels program each week, delivering lifesaving meals to the doorsteps of homebound older adults. 


Back in 2018, Martha was searching for meaningful ways to give back to her community. When she discovered Vivalon’s Meals on Wheels program, she felt an immediate connection to its mission and eagerly joined the team.  


What sets Martha apart is not only her dedication to volunteerism but also the genuine connections she forms with the clients she serves. She takes joy in building relationships with her clients and looks forward to seeing them each week, embodying the spirit of empathy and kindness that defines our Meals on Wheels program. 


Martha’s hero is none other than Erika Vaughn, Vivalon’s Nutrition Services Programs Manager. Erika has served as a source of inspiration throughout Martha’s volunteer journey, reflecting her appreciation for those who lead by example and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 


Before joining Vivalon, Martha worked as a Speech Pathologist for various Marin County public schools, and in retirement, Martha continued to channel her passion for service by working as a personal fitness trainer. Outside of her volunteer work, Martha enjoys staying active outdoors, indulging in activities such as cycling, hiking, gardening, and birdwatching. In addition to her volunteer work, Martha is also a passionate advocate for causes such as staying healthy, reducing car traffic, and clean energy.  


Martha’s favorite celebrity is Steph Curry, not only for his exceptional athleticism but also for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to giving back to the community. She admires Curry’s dedication to making a difference both on and off the court, a value that resonates deeply with her commitment to service and compassion. 


Martha is a true pillar of volunteerism at Vivalon. Her commitment to serving others and making a positive difference in the world serves as an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Martha, for your unwavering dedication and for being a shining example of the power of kindness and generosity. 


Please join us in thanking Wendy, Martha, and all of the volunteers at Vivalon who are providing rides, delivering meals, serving in our café, giving their time, and sharing their skills in talents in so many ways every week. 




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