December 2022 Volunteer – Marvin Lundwall

Volunteer Spotlight – Marvin Lundwall


Marvin Lundwall began volunteering at Vivalon eight months ago in the Brown Bag Pantry. He enjoys helping out alongside the other volunteers. He joined Vivalon looking to give back, and now he is happy to do so every Friday morning.


More tidbits about Marvin:

Who is your hero?

Everyone is my hero.

What did you do before volunteering at Vivalon?

I was a radiation therapist treating cancer patients.

What is your favorite family vacation?

As a child, I enjoyed going to LA with my parents; we would go to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

I would be more open to new things.

What makes you unique?

I only have one hand that works 100%. My other hand was injured. I have been exercising my injured hand over the years, and it has gotten stronger.

What are some random fun facts about you?

I used to play the piano but had to give it up since my injury. However, I do like to work on the computer now.

What is something you want to learn or wish you were better at?

I want to learn Spanish. I am in a learning group that meets once a week in Novato. It is a skill I have always wanted.

What is your favorite place on earth?

My childhood home, I lived there for 67 years. I have a childhood friend who still lives in the neighborhood. My wife and I moved five years ago into our current home.

Who are the special people in your life?

My wife is my special person; also my dog who recently passed, was a 55lb Eskimo dog.

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Celine Dion

Would you rather skydive or go to outer space?

I would go to outer space. It would be fun to enjoy zero gravity.

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