March for Meals

Empty headingOn March 22, 1972, President Nixon signed into law an amendment to the 1965 Older Americans Act that established a national nutrition program for older adults

A third of older adults in Marin are struggling to find their next meal today.


Support from our community provides a lifeline for them.


Get involved today.

Dr. Ira and Mayor Peter Mark
Larry and
Councilmember Maribeth Bushey
San Rafael
Mayor Eli Beckman and Ruth
Corte Madera
Mayor Barbara Coler and Artie
Mayor Barbara Coler and Michelle
Jerry (Vivalon Driver)
and Mayor Barbara Coler
Nor and
Supervisor Mary Sackett
San Rafael
Rich (Vivalon Driver) and
Supervisor Mary Sackett
San Rafael
Supervisor Dennis Rodoni
Patricia, and
Freeman (Vivalon Driver)
Mayor Mark Milberg,
Fred, and
Kalene (Vivalon Driver)
Ellen and
Mayor Mark Milberg
Supervisor Eric Lucan
Supervisor Eric Lucan
Councilmember Rachel Kertz
and Diana Lopez (Chair of Age Friendly)
San Rafael
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Mayors for Meals

Thank you to all of the elected officials who joined us in delivering meals to our homebound neighbors!

Learn more about these meaningful deliveries in our blog here.

Meals, and So Much More

Meal Delivery

For homebound older adults and those navigating chronic health challenges, every meal is a beacon of care through Vivalon’s Meals on Wheels and Nourish programs. When we knock on their door, we’re delivering more than sustenance; we’re providing a friendly face and a warm conversation that brightens their days.


Our impact: Over 141,000 meals lovingly prepared and delivered annually, nourishing the souls of over 750 people in Marin County.


If you or a loved one are homebound and in need of food, we can help! Whether for the long haul or during a season of recovery, our meals are here for you. Recovering from surgery? Battling an illness? Let us lend a helping hand.


To begin your journey with us, simply dial (415) 473-4636 and open the door to a world of care and connection.

Food Pantry

Step into the heart of our Brown Bag Pantry, where Marin residents can access the nutrition they need at no cost. Imagine this scene: a bustling space filled with fresh groceries, to help those facing the challenge of food insecurity.


Our impact: Over 5,600 bags of groceries caringly distributed, bringing sustenance and hope to over 300 individuals annually.


Are you or someone you know navigating the uncertainty of where the next meal will come from? Every Marin resident in need is welcome. When you visit our pantry, we don’t just ask for your name and address; we ask for the opportunity to support you.


To join our community of care, simply reach out to us at 415-456-9062 and take the first step toward a brighter, more nourished tomorrow.

Vivalon Café

Welcome to a community of connection at Vivalon Café, where compassionate volunteers serve up more than just meals.


Our Impact: Over 9,000 meals served, each one a blend of deliciousness, nutrition, and affordability, nurturing over 700 souls in our vibrant community.


No need for eligibility here; our doors are open for all. Join us for lunch and discover more than just a menu. Open Monday-Friday, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at our Healthy Aging Campus, 999 Third Street, San Rafael.


Click here to check out our weekly menu and discover monthly special events.

Get Involved

volunteer icon


Help deliver meals and provide friendly visits. 


Contact us at [email protected] or 415-456-9067 to sign up today, or click here for more info. 

Shop love icon


Shop with your reusable bag at United Markets throughout the month of March, and you will receive $.05 to donate to Vivalon.

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Confront food insecurity and isolation by supporting Vivalon’s nutrition programs.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Generous donors are matching up to $10,000 throughout March.

To make a donation, please consider sending a check to Vivalon at 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901. 

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