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Talking Tech 4 Seniors: Passwords & Online Safety (Hybrid)

September 21, 2021 10:30 am
September 21, 2021 12:00 pm
930 Tamalpais Ave.   View map




This event has passed

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Talking Tech: Passwords & Online Safety
Are you concerned about using a credit card on-line? Do you feel like you have trouble
keeping your passwords straight or remembering them? This class will give you the
knowledge you need to understand how to protect yourself on the internet. We will give
you strategies for securing your information and remembering your passwords. Bring your
smartphone, tablet, or laptop to class and we can show you how to make sure your privacy
is being protected. Don’t be an identity fraud victim! Come learn how to stay as safe as
possible on the internet!

Talking Tech 4 Seniors:

Do you want to learn how to use a computer, or other device, and use the internet to be
able to better connect with family, friends and virtual communities for meaningful social
connection? Want to learn how to use Zoom and find classes and activities for exercise,
learning and fun? Want to be able to use the internet and apps for online shopping,
deliveries and other resources? Want to feel safe and secure as you do it? We want to
support you!
We will teach you how to use your device how to connect using Zoom, and we will be there
to answer any technology-related questions you might have. We will start with the very
basics and build up your tech knowledge as you go. We teach through hands-on learning and
will leave you with instructional handouts so you can practice at home.
Join from the start if you are a true beginner, or if you are already familiar with how to use a
computer, join just the classes you need. Specifically designed for seniors but open to
anyone and everyone welcome!
Classes are free.

Digital Literacy(Zoom/hybrid presentation) | Tuesday,  September 14

Passwords & Online Safety  (Zoom/hybrid presentation)| Tuesday,  September 21

iPhone – Getting to Know Your Device (in person)| Tuesday,  September 28

iPhone – Mastering the SmartPhone (texting, email, internet, apps) (in person)| Tuesday,  October 5

Windows/PC Computer Basics (in person)| Tuesday,  October 12

Social Media Overview (in person)| Tuesday,  October 19

Photo Management for iPhone/Mac (in person) | Tuesday,  October 26

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