Communications Center Services

Communications Center Services

If you need communications center capabilities for your organization, Vivalon Ride’s Communications Center will help streamline your operations. We manage call center and dispatch services for a variety of programs throughout Marin County.

Communications Center Capabilities

Our call agents can serve callers in English and 240 other languages. We employ bilingual staff and utilize a contracted service that allows any of our staff to use an interpreter to assist in conversations with clients who do not speak English.

Our communications center capabilities include: 

  • Program eligibility and screening services
  • Ride scheduling and dispatching for your organization
  • Call center administration and reporting
  • Quality control/quality assurance of call center staff
Woman assists callers with ride options

If you are interested, please fill in the form below, and we will contact you.   

For more information

For additional information, please contact: 415-454-0964 or [email protected]

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