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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medical Rides by Vivalon provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) to and from Medi-Cal (Medicaid) covered appointments within Marin County. Your appointment can be for: preventive care visits, surgical treatment and procedures, dialysis treatment, prenatal care, dental care, vision care, mental health appointments and/or substance abuse treatment. Your medical provider’s authorization is required for Medical Rides by Vivalon NEMT transportation. 

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Do I Qualify for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation can be used if you have a physical or medical condition that makes you not able to get to your medical appointment by car, bus, train, taxi or TNC (Lyft or Uber). If you need help getting out of your house, getting into a vehicle, and/or getting into a medical office, you may qualify for NEMT services. Medical Rides by Vivalon is a certified Medi-Cal NEMT wheelchair van transportation provider for Marin County.
Receiving NEMT services requires prior authorization from your medical provider. 

To request a NEMT ride, please fill out our online ride request form below.

Senior Woman receives ride from Vivalon CarePool driver

Medical Rides for Your Patients

Why request NEMT for your patients?

When Medi-Cal service providers arrange for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation on behalf of their patients, missed appointments are greatly reduced, saving physicians both time and money. According to a study by Healthcare Innovation, the total cost of missed healthcare appointments in the United States every year is $150 billion, with no-show rates as high as 30%. Each open, unused time slot costs a physician $200, on average. Additionally, providing NEMT transportation for patients who need it leads to better medical care and outcomes.

A study commissioned by the Medical Transportation Access Coalition found that missed doctor’s appointments led to medical complications and expensive medical costs for Medi-Cal patients, with 58% of the nearly 1,000 patients surveyed reporting that they would not be able to make it to medical appointments without NEMT. Additionally, 10% of surveyed participants reported that they would die or probably would die if they did not have the NEMT transportation services they currently receive.

Rider Request Form for NEMT


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For more information
For additional information about NEMT or other transportation services, please contact: 415-419-2608 or [email protected].
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