Website Update Requests

Thank you for helping us track your website update requests by submitting this form. 


We have organized the request form into 3 types of site updates:


1) General web page update

2) What’s New at Vivalon update

3) Class or Event update to the calendar


Whichever choice or choices best fit your needs, please fill in that section so that we can handle your request efficiently. If you have multiple requests of the same type (for example, 2 class updates), you will need to submit 2 different requests.


Please also let us know your deadline so we can prioritize urgent requests across Vivalon’s departments and strive to get all other requests done within the week.


Let us know if you have any questions! You can contact the Communications Team through [email protected] or if your request is very urgent, contact Mia Edwards 510-529-6132 or Kristin Swenson at 415-300-7711.

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