Whistlestop Is Now Vivalon

Whistlestop Is Now Vivalon

In 2020, Whistlestop took on a new name, Vivalon, to mark the expansion of our programs and services. Vivalon Rides is now the name used for our transportation services.

Founded in 1954, our organization initially provided transportation, nutrition, social connection and advice for Marin County’s older adults. As the years progressed, we broadened our reach to serve vulnerable residents of Marin County, regardless of their age, including: disabled, chronically ill and low income individuals. We also expanded our geographic area to Sonoma County, and our programs and services grew to encompass activities, Lifelong Learning and Healthy Aging services.

In 2022, we are scheduled to open our Healthy Aging Campus to serve the social and medical needs of Marin’s seniors with wraparound health care services, a healthy aging center, and affordable apartment homes in downtown San Rafael.

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The Origin of the Name Vivalon

Our decision to change our name from Whistlestop to Vivalon underscores our belief that beyond the essential services we provide: Rides, Meals, Classes, Care and Advice, there is something more vital at work. It is the energy you feel when you receive human care and human attention. It’s what happens inside you when someone knows your name, or remembers your birthday, or makes an inside joke. It is the vital force of human interconnection. With its prefix of “viva” meaning “life”, Vivalon evokes images of activity, vitality and a healthy and vibrant life.

Our goal at Vivalon is to help the individuals we serve thrive through the power of connection. We continuously strive to create programs and services that, through human care and attention, enable them to live a more vibrant, healthier and happier life.

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