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Healthy Aging Program

Healthy Aging Program

Vivalon’s Healthy Aging Program will provide opportunities for our members to actively engage in understanding their health risk factors as they age, and to better manage their health. Central to the program is a series of classes that incorporate well-researched, nationally recognized healthy aging factors and the most up-to-date information available. Several categories will be addressed including: physical and mental health; nutrition; sleep and stress management; social engagement, spirituality and personal goals. This program is under development. We look forward to bringing it to you later in 2021.

Vivalon's lively zumba class

Vivalon has been focused on healthy aging for some time. Our goal for the Healthy Aging Program is to help older adults “take charge” of their health. In addition to the Healthy Aging Program, we offer numerous classes which promote and strengthen our members’ physical health and mental wellness.

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