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First Floor
Second Floor
Second Floor Reception
Jackson Café
Joe's Gym Physical Therapy
Two Classrooms with Dividing Wall
Art Room
Vickie Soulier Foundation Auditorium
Third Floor Courtyard
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Square Footage Information

Site Area15,000 SF
1st Floor13,282 SFIncludes Circulation
Vivalon Area2,506 SF
Garage & Utilities8,662 SF12 Parking Spaces
Lobby1,311 SF
Mail & Bike Storage314 SF
2nd Floor13,769 SFIncludes Circulation
Offices2,344 SF
Classrooms2,844 SF2 Classrooms, Exercise Studio, Arts Studio, Computer Lab
Assembly Spaces4,481 SFStorage Closets, Auditorium, Lounge and Café
3rd Floor14,420 SFIncludes Courtyard 1,558 SF
4th Floor12,827 SF
5th Floor12,827 SF
6th Floor11,503 SFIncludes 2 Roof Decks 1,237 SF
Total65,628 SF

Unit Type Information

Residential Floor
1 BR2 BR (MNGR’s Unit)Total
3rd Floor143-17
4th Floor154-18
5th Floor134-17
6th Floor85114
Total Per Type:50181
Total Units67

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